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The Master of Laws is an advanced academic degree, pursued by those holding a professional law degree, and is commonly abbreviated LL.M.

If a person wishes to gain specialized knowledge through research in a particular area of law, he or she can continue his or her studies after an LL.B or J.D. in an LL.M. program.

The highest research degree in law is the S.J.D. (or J.S.D., depending on the institution), and it is equivalent to the Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD or DPhil depending on the law school in UK), Doctorat en Droit (in France), or the Doktor der Rechtswissenschaften (Dr.iur.) in Germany.

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  University of Birmingham Law School - UK

  Online LLM Energy and Environmental Law

  Cardiff University Law School - UK

  LL.M. in Legal Practice

  Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) - Germany and France

  Master in EU Studies Online

  Manchester University Law School - UK

  Healthcare Ethics and Law MA

  Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies, Mieszko I School of Education and Administration - Poland

  MA in Law and International Management

  Nottingham Trent University Law School - UK

  LLM International Trade and Commercial Law

  Nottingham Trent University Law School - UK

  LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law

  Robert Gordon University Law School - UK

  LL.M. / MSc in Construction Law and Arbitration

  Robert Gordon University Law School - UK

  LL.M. Employment Law and Practice

  Robert Gordon University Law School - UK

  MSc / LLM Oil and Gas Law


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