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MA in Responsible Management

Steinbeis University Berlin, Institute Corporate Responsibility Management, Gürtelstr. 29 A/30, D-10247 Berlin, Germany

+49-30-29 33 09-291

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E-mail address

Type of course
Part-time, blended learning: online + face to face classes (4 study weeks in Berlin, 5 days a week)

Length of course
15 months

Date of commencement

Financial assistance
Students coming from developing countries can benefit of a substantial tuition fee reduction.

Admissions requirements
For the 1-year program: Master of Arts in Responsible Management (MRM)
• above average grades in previous studies
• diploma from undergraduate 4-year study with minimum 225 ECTS (Students with 180 ECTS will be accepted under the condition that the applicant completes supplementary workload)

For the 2-year program: MBA + MRM
• above average grades in previous studies
• diploma from undergraduate study with a minimum of 180 ECTS

Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
Guided by a holistic understanding and practice of Corporate Responsibility, this program will enable students to develop competent responsible behaviour by teaching basic techniques that reinforce and establish Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
This program is designed for employees accountable for Corporate Responsibility as well as executives who recognize Corporate Responsibility Management as a consistent values-oriented management mechanism in their respective fields of work.

Course directors
Dr. Felicitas Mocny

Exchange partner schools
Graduates of the Master's in Responsible Management from Steinbeis University have the opportunity to continue studying towards the completion of an MBA degree.
The MBA up-grade offers participants the unique opportunity to build on their studies and receive two degrees from two universities in two years.
This combined program represents a benchmark for future management education as proposed by the United Nations Principles for Corporate Social Responsible Management Education (PRME). In addition, students in our international study programs have the opportunity to choose their format, concept, and country of study.
This MBA degree is organised together with the Donau University Krems, Austria.

Steinbeis University Berlin
Institute Corporate Responsibility Management

MA in Responsible Management

The Master of Arts in Responsible Management (MRM) is a 15-month master's degree program equipping current and future business leaders with the responsible management skills necessary to affect positive change within organizations.

This CSR master's degree is a direct response to the growing need for leaders in business, NGOs and the public sector who are prepared to manage the complex environmental and social issues facing the economy and society in the 21st century.

Responsible management education is needed now more than ever. The master's program content is designed around the idea that business is not an enemy to sustainable progress, but a tool. By channeling power and resources in a socially conscious way, business leaders have the potential to affect transformational positive change. Through this program you will gain a holistic understanding of corporate ethics and sustainability as they relate to management.

Our goal is to embed responsible management principles into mainstream business activity and corporate structure.

• Studying at the biggest German private university

• Study at one of the few institutions in Berlin that offer courses in English

• Implementing consistent CSR and Corporate Ethics knowledge

• Being part of an international network with students/alumni from 40 nations

• Opportunity for Holders of Three-Year Degrees. Start the master's program with 180 ECTS!

• By providing supplementary courses, our CSR, Ethics and Sustainability focused Master program offers students who have a 3-year bachelor's degree the opportunity to study and receive a master's degree.

Please contact us for more information.

Other Opportunities to Study Responsible Management at ICRM

• By designing courses in a modular way, ICRM offers participants to study single seminars of MRM in the framework of the Certificate Program.

• PhD Program

Get training through the multifaceted combination of in-class seminars, e-learning seminars (webinars) and MOOCs; develop your knowledge and skills in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Environmental Master Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation; gain the necessary expertise to become a responsible leader and broaden your career opportunities for professional jobs and internships.

About Steinbeis University Berlin - Institute Corporate Responsibility Management

The Institute Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) was founded in 2008 at Steinbeis University Berlin as a response to the growing demand for consistent and systematic executive education and research in the fields of Corporate Responsibility Management, Corporate Ethics Management and Corporate Sustainability Management.

The Institute contributes to the requirements of Global Corporate Responsibility by choosing Berlin as the new center in thriving Europe. A teaching and research program highlights the relevance of Corporate Responsibility in today's business world.

By developing the Master Program as a double degree, in conjunction with “traditional” MBA programs, the Institute aspires to facilitate wider main streaming of Responsible Management. Besides the current cooperation with universities in the United Kingdom and Austria, the Institute is actively negotiating with several overseas institutions as well.

In addition, ICRM is a United Nations Principles in Responsible Management Education (UN PRME) Executive Degree Programs Working Group leader and part of the academic network of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative. Through these networks the institute is a key stakeholder and influencer across the discipline.